About us

Applying data science to improve day-to-day care delivery is our core mission. With our team of highly experienced and dedicated data scientists and developers we help healthcare organisations and their providers. Years of experience in healthcare, and a high expertise in the application of data science, together with a very competent team of developers, gives us a broad range of possibilities to provide real support in a broad range of themes. When complexity is high, and finding solutions is difficult, then we thrive. In-depth analyses, simulations, optimizations, or the development of an innovative software solution, are at the core of our capabilities.

Our services

We offer a broad range of services, all related to the application of data science and data science technologies.
Analysis possibilities have grown enormously over the past years. Together with the vast amount of data in healthcare organisations new insights, thorough investigations, new techniques,...are possible. Each process and activity is affected by these enormous possibilities. If you are in need of extra analysis power then please contact us for more information.
Modern data science techniques offer a huge amount of possibilities to make simulations. Simulating patient flows, capacity utilization, care pathways and care activities,... are a frequent demand from healthcare organisations. A new domain in the field of simulation is the simulation based on real time data (real time simulation). This is often applied together with digital twins and decision support. Don't hesitate to contact us to discover the possibilities of simulation for your organisation.
Optimization is possibly the most interesting domain to apply data science technology. Defining optimal schedules, optimal flows, optimal planning rules,... can have a huge impact on timely and efficient care delivery. Please contact us for more information.
Forecasts are a key element to coordinate and manage your core resources and capacities. We have been building forecasts for hospital organisations for more then 15 years. Do you want a forecast engine to enrich your business intelligence reports, based on the latest forecasting techniques ? Are you interested how good a forecast could work for a specific group of patients ? Is a forecast relevant for a specific capacity ? Please contact us for more information.
A digital twin is a digital copy of your organisation or of a part of your organisation. Digital twins offer the possibility to analyse alternative situations in a digital context before applying them in real life.  Digital twins are a fairly new AI-application. If you are interested in building a digital twin for your hospital (or a part of it) then don't hesitate to contact us.
Decision support is nowadays often still limited to showing graphs and indicators. Real decision support is about providing info on what to do and requires a thorough knowledge of the underlying processes, methods, and behaviours. Data science has the capabilities to enhance the current level of decision support to the next level. Please contact us for more information.
App development has become mainstream. We build apps which include a lot of AI technology. So if you want a specific app, related to data science technology, then please contact us for more information.
Are you in need of a specific software solution ? Do you want a specific analysis to be automated ? Do you have an idea but not the knowledge or resources to develop it into a robust software solution ? Please contact us for more information.
The future is now! Digital assistants are already common when you visit a companies website. "Can I help you...". Think now one step further... what if you have a digital flow assistant that offers you decision support to reach your important goals in achieving high-end patient flow. Futuristic ? Not any more...data science offers the ability to build your digital flow assistant. Please contact us for more information.

Contact us

We work directly for healthcare organisations and for suppliers of healthcare organisations. Most people contact us directly via our extensive network. In case that you don't have our direct contact details you can reach us via:
Bisonspoor 3002, B503 3605 LT Maarssen, Netherlands
E-mail: info@simbox.ai Phone: +31 85 021 2900