Smart dashboard

Create your own cards and dashboards

Build informative and valuable dashboards yourself in no time where you convert data into information. What does the production look like compared to last year? How has the hospital done and what will it do? What is going on in the hospital right now?

Smart dashboard shows the past, present and future

Dashboards are important to convert raw data into valuable information. This information can easily be shown in one or multiple cards in a dashboard. A dashboard that provides enough information to make good decisions. Often there is much more information hidden in the raw data that can only be found with smart transformations and calculations. We have developed smart transformation especially for the healthcare.

Enrich data with smart transformations

Multipe types of cards

Specially designed for health care

Easy to use


Determine historical bed occupancy, size of waiting list, how much work is waiting, cumulative production over time, turnaround time and much more.

Different cards

Create your own dashboard with texts, score cards, tables and graphs with a multitude of options, such as colors based on thresholds or percentiles.


Once a dashboard is built on one or more datasets, the underlying data can simply be updated to ensure an always up-to-date dashboard.


Specially developed for the healthcare sector. Anyone can build dashboards, even without knowledge of data science.