Core Features

We offer a broad range of services, all related to the application of business analytics and data science technologies.


Patient Flow Manager

The Patient Flow Managerâ„¢ is an innovative software tool to support hospitals in their strategic and operational patient flow management. Click for more detailed information.
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Measure employee satisfaction, quality of care and more with our interactive app.
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Optimization software

Optimization is possibly the most interesting domain to apply data science technology. Defining optimal schedules, optimal flows, optimal planning rules,... can have a huge impact on timely and efficient care delivery. Please contact us for more information.

Forecasting software

Forecasts are a key element to coordinate and manage your core resources and capacities. We have been building forecasts for hospital organisations for more then 15 years. Do you want a forecast engine to enrich your business intelligence reports, based on the latest forecasting techniques ? Are you interested how good a forecast could work for a specific group of patients? Is a forecast relevant for a specific capacity? Please contact us for more information.
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