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We can help you to better coordinate your hospital processes and use capacity more efficiently.
We offer advanced software, training and consultancy.


Predicts the arrivals and bed census for departments within the hospital up to two weeks ahead.
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Calculate the required hospital capacity for the outpatient department, clinical department, OR and other departments.
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Patient Flow Manager

An innovative software tool to support hospitals in their strategic and operational patient flow management
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Business Analytics

Nederlandstalige opleiding voor capaciteitsadviseurs. Leer het doelmatig vormgeven de planning op basis van data.
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We offer a helping hand when it comes to specific help with the implementation of capacity management.

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Our blog

Forecasting Engine

April 13, 2021
We developed a new forecasting engine to predict the hourly bed census and the daily arrivals (emergency, planned, yet to be planned and transfers) for each department for the next two weeks. Having good forecasts is the corner stone of good capacity management. You can try our forecaster the first
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Covid-19 prediction model

March 1, 2021
We are very proud that we have helped more than 80 hospitals  in 7 countries with our corona tool. The tool was made to provide a hospital more insights in the necessary level of bed capacity they would need when reaching the peak of the first wave of the covid
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Business Analytics training

March 1, 2021
We are proud of the fact that we have been able to train many capacity advisor, managers, and even medical doctors into the field of capacity management and business analytics. Do you also want to get acquainted with the power of Business Analytics, or do you want to enrich your
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We work directly for healthcare organisations and for suppliers of healthcare organisations. Most people contact us directly via our extensive network. In case that you do not have our direct contact details you can reach us via, or use the form on the right.

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